Conan O’Brien Tries to Sell The Tonight Show on Craigslist

Conan just keeps getting better and better while dealing with his crappy situation. Last night the disrespected host of The Tonight Show had his staff post a Craigslist ad selling the show. Here’s a picture of the ad, which was unfortunately flagged and pulled.

I love it! It’s comedy 2.0! Go #teamconan!!!

Author: RPadTV


17 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien Tries to Sell The Tonight Show on Craigslist”

  1. Awww, I would have made an offer.

    In fact, we could have all pitched in and attempt to get Mr. Padilla the slot. Take that, X-Play! R-Pad TV is on NBC!

    Hey, if it happened in an alternate universe, it can happen here.


  2. @Iceman Ha! I haven't done regular video in years, so forget about doing something on that level. I'd settle for getting enough dough so that I can get video equipment for my own videos.

  3. @ R Pad

    What kind of camera are you trying to obtain? Are you going for the $3500 3-chip, or would you settle for like a Sony Handycam?

  4. Damn, N8R, I was just going to suggest to him the iPhone video recording feature. What the hell; people will watch.


  5. @ Iceman

    I hear. I've been hanging out with filmmakers too much. I personally am all about lo-fi. It's when the camers shakes that it annoys the hell out of me.

    Tripods FTW!

  6. @N8R In my dreams I'd have a Canon XL2 or Sony PD-170. Even if I bought used, it would still be expensive. There are a few Canons that use SDHC that are pretty interesting. Plus it would be easier to work with the files (even though I have a DV deck somewhere around here). I'd rather have an okay camera and a good like kit than an awesome camera with no lights.

  7. @ R Pad

    Yeah, you're talking about some serious change for those 2 cameras you mentioned.

    I also agree that lights are equally if not more important. The good news about that is that in alot of cases you can rent them relatively cheap.

    Maybe you can get Smartguy to find a few loopholes in your tax return.

  8. @N8R The guys I learned from at Yahoo! have me subscribing to the "lights are more important than camera" school.

    My dad's a CPA, so I'm all good there. Now I just need to con him…oops…I meant convince him to advertise on the site. Ha!

  9. @N8R That's part of my pitch. Unfortunately dad is in Asia on business for a few weeks. I shall have to be camera-lass for a bit longer. The good news is that I got a cool new microphone on the cheap for live audio interviews — the Blue Mics Yeti! I'm going to try it out next week.

  10. @ R Pad

    Blue makes killer stuff. No denying that.

    I've always found that similar to the way lights are just as (if not more) important than the camera, the pre-amps used in recording sound are just as (if not more) important than the mic.

    Granted, 100% of my experience with that comes from recording vocals… music stuff. Studio interviews may be a different breed of animal for all I really know.

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