EA and Random House Team Up for Dante’s Inferno TPB

Electronic Arts has announced that it will be teaming up with Random House for a special trade-paperback of Dante’s Inferno in order to promote the videogame of the same name. (Hit the full story for a picture of the cover!) Today’s press release stated:

Electronic Arts and Del Rey Books, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group announced that a trade-paperback edition of the classic poem Inferno, part one of The Divine Comedy, will be distributed to booksellers nationwide on January 19, 2010. This special edition of the canonized poem commemorates the launch of the highly-anticipated Dante’s Inferno video game from Visceral Games. The new edition features an introduction written by Dante’s Inferno Executive Producer, Jonathan Knight, who offers insight into the process of adapting the dark masterpiece into the interactive medium. The book also features a 16-page, full-color art insert showcasing the evolution of characters and environments from the classic poem to the video game.

I know some of you are irked by Visceral’s…unique take on Dante Alighieiri’s work, but if the game gets kids to The Divine Comedy then that’s totally cool. That said, it is kind of weird that a classic will come with 16 pages of pictures. *shrug*

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3 thoughts on “EA and Random House Team Up for Dante’s Inferno TPB”

  1. @RROD – I do too. I have no problem with the game, and I've read the Divine Comedy a long time ago. That and I have a love for beat 'em ups I suppose lol.

    And I can't stop laughing @ the executive producer's name…. it's so new kids on the block hahaha.

  2. @CamiKitten

    I'm with you there. When it comes to "beat em ups", the ones with story like GOW and Dante's Inferno are buys for me but the ones with no story and just action like DMC and Bayonetta are rentals. When I say story I mean great story.

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