Today’s Poll: What’s Your Real Life D&D Alignment?

Dungeons and Dragons Alignment

In keeping with the role-playing theme of Coffee Talk #43, I wanted to see which Dungeons & Dragons alignment describes you best. Make a choice and if you have time, elaborate in the comments section. I’m going to have to give my answer some thought….

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12 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: What’s Your Real Life D&D Alignment?”

  1. Funny, there's nothing for me to click to vote.

    Anyway, Chaotic Good all the way. I might abide by the law for the most part, but give me a minute to find a loop hole to do it my way.

    This also applies to the halfling rogue I table top game as.

  2. There really isn't a category to describe my alignment. But I'm best understood as Neutral Good I suppose.

  3. I don't thin that character alignments aren't exactly meant to be all encompassing. I mean, we all do things that are out of "character" from time to time. Unless you're playing a Paladin who's gotta live by the letter of the law and be good, there's plenty of room for wiggle room overall. I tend to play either Chaotic Good or Neutral Good most of the time because I find myself somewhere between the alignments personally (leaning more chaotic than neutral).

  4. The problem with me is that I'm not "out of character" with my being all over the map.

    My personality is all over the alignment extremes as a default. I'm sort of "Anti-Neutral". A lawless tyrannical honor bound pacifist that loves war and strife and works for good. You tell me where that fits on the D&D axis.

  5. You would be the definition of Chaotic Neutral… if you determine what good is by your own crazy value axis rather then using everyone else's definition.

  6. @Leyke: There's two definitions for True Neutral. There;s the "Let's maintain all balance" version, and then there's the "who give's flying F" version. I'm pegging you for a modified version of the latter.

  7. Something like that, tho that's no definition of True Neutral I've ever run across in all my years of D&D.

    It's spelled i-e-y-k-e BTW.

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