Revenge of the Wounded Dragons Brings Chilean Kung-Fu to PSN

Wanako Studios’ Revenge of the Wounded Dragons is being released for PlayStation Network this week. This old-school arcade game serves up some classic beat-’em-up action for your PS3. Really though, I’m just amused that a Chilean developer made a game that’s set in China. That would be like Rumble in the Bronx being filmed in Vancouver…waitaminute.

Here are some bullet points, for those of you interested in more 411 on this PSN title:

  • Single player and local multiplayer modes
  • 4 beautiful environments with immersive levels, totalling 24 areas all of them packed with enemies
  • 10 mini-games: Play them in single player or against your friends
  • Finishing moves to defeat your enemies
  • Dragon rage, your special power
  • Coop moves to use with your friends in multiplayer mode
  • Cool animated comic storytelling between levels
  • 12 PS3 Trophies
  • Leaderboards
  • The ability to create your own soundtrack and relive your game by taking screens through the XMB!


Author: RPadTV