Today’s Poll: Romantic Interests in Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age LelianaBioWare has always done a good job at integrating romantic storylines in its RPGs. I fondly remember playing through Baldur’s Gate II, once courting the cute and innocent Aerie and once bedding the evil and sexy drow Viconia. Both romances added a bunch of unique dialogue to the game, giving each play through a unique feel.

Dragon Age: Origins has four romances you can pursue. Do you go with Alistair, the foppish templar that’s clearly one of Hugh Grant’s ancestors? Morrigan, the sexy swamp witch? Zevran, the bisexual elf assassin (I love typing that phrase)? On my first play through, I went with Morrigan; the dialogue was fun, but it was too easy. This time around, I had my female warrior get with Leliana, the cute bard with an adorable accent and a mysterious past. Her romance was tougher to trigger and her back story was more interesting than Morrigan’s, so I enjoyed this courtship more. Besides, I’m still immature enough that I get excited by most lesbian interactions.

I wanted to see which Dragon Age romance was your favorite and why. Answer in the poll and leave your reasons in the comments (please)!

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8 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Romantic Interests in Dragon Age: Origins”

  1. Though I have not played in a few days, Leliana is in my party becuase of her rogue abilities. That is the romance story arc I am shooting for first.

  2. @Dricknasty There's a glitch in the romance. You need to trigger her dialogue that starts with you asking something like, "I heard bards in Orlais are spies" or something like that. I actually had to break up with her to get that dialogue. After going through her personal quest, she let me bed her.

  3. well I don't know who Leliana is but I'm trying to be good on my first play-through which Morrigan is none too thrilled about.

  4. @rpad d'oh… here's for second tries. I do have an elf companion for all my rougue needs. is that Zevran?

    I posted this on coffee talk but last night I tried to take on the dragon guarding the sacred ashes and I got my shiz kicked at least 5 times. I turned it down to casual and I still can't beat that thing.

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