Anti-Handshaking Movement Gets Pretentious Awareness Wristbands — Skip the Shake, Fight the Flu

Skip the Shake Fight the Flu

Ever since Lance Armstrong started pushing those LiveStrong rubber bracelets in 2004 to raise money and awareness for cancer research, every cause has gotten its own rubber wristband. Hundreds of great non-profit organizations used similar bands to spread their messages. Sadly, most of the ones churned out today are used to promote for-profit products. This makes most of them easy to ignore, but Skip the Shake’s got my attention.

Skip the Shake is selling its wristbands in order to get people to stop spreading germs by shaking hands. The bracelet reads, “Skip the Shake, Fight the Flu.” While the company does have a point about spreading germs, wearing a rubber band to show that you care enough not to shake hands is a little ridiculous…like something ridiculous enough for Larry David to do in Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s so silly that I might pick one up.

Source via TechCrunch

Author: RPadTV

6 thoughts on “Anti-Handshaking Movement Gets Pretentious Awareness Wristbands — Skip the Shake, Fight the Flu”

  1. LOL @ N8R

    That would be even better if you could press a button on the wristband and have it play a little .midi of the song.



  2. @SlickyFats – LoL.

    Well now there's another rubber bracelet to add to the hundreds of other. Won't shake your hand, and I'll be shallow and potantic (lol love family guy) enough to put my flu infested hand close enough to your face so you can read my anti shake point I'm trying to make.

    Wonder how long it takes these to break down in a garbage dump. I could make one of those…take that eco America! >_>

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