How Weapons Level Up in Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

The excellent Anoop Gantayat at Andriasang has translated a recent Shonen Jump article detailing Final Fantasy XIII’s weapon system. Apparently weapons can be leveled up by using the random crap you find while adventuring.

FFXIII lets you make modifications to your weapons. You do this by combining materials that enemies leave behind and that you find in treasure boxes. You’ll find over 100 such materials in the game. Depending on your combinations, your weapons will rise in experience and become stronger.

Normally, I would think that this method of improving weapons through leftovers is silly and nonsensical, but compared to the completely ridiculous gestalt mode it sounds totally reasonable. Still…this is the 2010 release I want the most. I’m not going to lie about that.


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8 thoughts on “How Weapons Level Up in Final Fantasy XIII”

  1. This sorta sounds like the system they had in the first Parasyte Eve game. I liked that setup a lot, but it took a long time to craft a good weapon. You could upgrade weapons with parts from other weapons if I recall correctly.

    But then Square doesn't like to do the same thing twice, so this system might actually be completely different.

  2. It CAN'T be any worse than that g-damn "junction" system they used in FF8. God, how annoying that was!


  3. sounds like an expanded version of the weapons they had in 8. You had to turn in materials to stores in order for them to sell the update. I didn't mind the junction system that much along with that, though I really didn't like having to constantly pull magic from things.

    Parasite Eve was good. The weapon system was neat with the perks and upgrades you could add to them.

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