Final Fantasy Web Site Reveals Mysterious Anagram

Final Fantasy XIII a

Confession: I was totally consumed with Dragon Age: Origins when I received an email from Square Enix’s PR agency on Friday. Apparently the official FFXIII site has a mysterious anagram that will reveal new information on the game. It reads:

“A Henchmen Inventor Tent Unto”

The answer will be revealed later today. Until then, any guesses as to what it might be? I suck at these word puzzles so I’m counting on you to solve it!

Author: RPadTV

5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Web Site Reveals Mysterious Anagram”

  1. Well they didn't offer a Secret Society decoder ring along with the message, so I think Ovaltine atleast is out of the running for top answer.

  2. Secret Society decoder ring = Radio Orphan Annie decoder ring to better fit with the reference.

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