Uwe Boll Autograph Session on November 7

Uwe BollUwe Boll — the scourge of the videogame-movie universe — will be signing autographs on November 7 at Spudic’s Movie Empire. Most of you hate him or at least hate his work, but you have to admit that he’s a pretty good sport about his sucktitude. About.com noted:

If you want to meet the German madman who literally boxes his critics, flings personal insults at Michael Bay, and has made nearly 10 video game inspired flicks, he will be making a rare U.S. in-store appearance this weekend (November 7th) in Van Nuys, CA at the video store Spudic’s Movie Empire. The two hour signing will begin at 6PM, with Boll present to chat it up and sign autographs. Spudic’s Movie Empire will have Boll’s movies on hand as well as a selection of old school NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis and Sega CD games at the event for retro gaming fans.

Van Nuys isn’t that far from me, so I’m tempted to go. I’m not sure what I’d have him sign or what I’d say to him. If you could meet Uwe Boll face-to-face, what would you tell him?

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12 thoughts on “Uwe Boll Autograph Session on November 7”

  1. There is a special place in hell reserved for someone who rape's my love of video games like he does.

  2. @RPad You better believe it…I have never enjoyed a single moment in any of his movies…wait…the Bloodrayne sex scene was enjoyable….but other than that NO ENJOYMENT!

  3. @rpad

    im tempted to go too, my ex lives at panorama, and i visit her once a month(i clean her car, dog, and room for $50). I'll probably be stopping by at that venue. i wont be getting his autograph though. I just want to see how much people are going to show up, and mock him from a distance.

  4. I read that Uwe Bol and the investors he gets to put in for his movies are just scamming or rather utilizing the revenue code in Germany. Since they lose so much money on the project it becomes a deduction from Gross Income and a refund at the same time. Not that stupid if you ask me.


    send me an autograph of Uwe Bol

  5. @ Smartguy

    Where was that flag? The touchdown the Falcons just made… dude totally pushed off the defender.

    They totally would have called PI on the Steelers.

  6. @ Smartguy

    Whatever… that was BS. I'm sick as hell, hurtin' myself yelling at the refs. When they replayed some more receptions of both teams, I noticed alot of PI though from both sides.

    Most of my bias comes from crap that's been called on the Steelers in the past though. Is this an NFC thing?

  7. @N8R

    Definitely an NFC thing. We tend not to fret over some PI.

    Damn division games are always close scores.

  8. I honestly like this guys movies. They aren't the best in the world but I do enjoy them. I think the Far Cry movie is the last one I saw. What I liked about that is that he kept to the plot of the game for the most part and I thoroughly enjoyed that game.

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