T-Mobile Unveils Project Dark: Will You Make the Jump?

T-Mobile Project Dark pricing

T-Mobile unveiled its new pricing scheme, codenamed Project Dark, on Sunday. While a lot of current T-Mobile customers are underwhelmed by the new plans, there are a lot of people that could save a decent chunk of money every month with the new pricing. The most interesting plans fall under the “Even More Plus” category. These plans require no annual contract, include free nights and weekends, and free T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling. The customary phone subsidization is eschewed for the ability to pay for a new handset — interest free — over the cost of 20 months.

If you’re currently with Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T, there’s a good chance that one of the Even More Plus plans would save you money. T-Mobile has some interesting phones coming out before the end of the year (the BlackBerry 9700 and the Nokia N900), so it might be worth a look. I’m currently under a T-Mobile plan that I thought was a great deal: $74.98/month for 1,000 minutes and unlimited text/data. With Even More Plus I could either save $5/month or pay $5 more for unlimited voice. I’d also gain free T-Mobile to T-Mobile minutes.

While T-Mobile’s network is the smallest of the four major American carriers, its pricing makes it a compelling option. Features like UMA calling make it viable for those with spotty network coverage. With all of this in mind, are any of you going to make the jump to T-Mobile due to Project Dark?

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13 thoughts on “T-Mobile Unveils Project Dark: Will You Make the Jump?”

  1. Not enough to make me jump. I pay 75 now for all of that with ATT. I also got a subsidized handset. You don't get a subsidized handset for the low price on T Mobil

  2. verizon still has its grip on my phone. the free verizon to verizon calling and txting is a huge selling point for me because everyone i call or txt pretty much is verizon.

    i would love to have the sidekick though.

  3. I won't switch but I do hope this brings down everyone elses prices. I pay $230 per month with AT&T. 3 phones with unlimited Text, 2 of those have unlimited Web and we all 3 share 1100 minutes. Kind of a rip-off.

  4. Student discount helps a small bit. I'm on a family plan with my girlfriend. We have unlimited text, web, and so much rollover it might as well be unlimited.

    Me= iPhone

    her= BB bold

    bill = 149.46 per month.

  5. I used to get a discount for working at the local hospital. Then after I was fired I continued to use the discount because they never asked me again. Then more recently they told me it would now cost me a 1 time fee to use the discount so I said nevermind (also because they wanted to see my badge that I haven't had for the last 5 years). Charging for a discount isn't much of a discount.

  6. @Smartguy Well that's not really a fair comparison. How does your plan compare to T-Mobile's Even More Plus family plans? Their 1,500 minute family plan with unlimited text and data is $110.

  7. T-mobile doesn't have the iphone though. if it was 20 bucks a month I probably wouldn't switch cell phones

  8. Hey, this is Rachel from Boost Mobile, I just wanted to point out that T-Mobile’s “Even More Plus” prepaid offer still costs nearly $30 a month more for the same service someone would get with Boost’s $50 Monthly Unlimited plan – which includes unlimited talk, text and Web. Plus, Boost Mobile doesn’t nickel and dime its customers with extra fees or telecom taxes and customers can take advantage of true nationwide coverage which reaches more than 274 million people in over 17,500 cities throughout the U.S.

  9. @Rachel Gross That's a fair point Rachel. For the sake of comparison, I was keeping it within the "big four", but certainly carriers like Boost, Virgin Mobile, etc. offer some great values too.

  10. @Ray

    Yeah, family plan pricing isn't too much of a comparison. I still stand by my sticking with ATT unless someone else gets the Iphone.

  11. @Smartguy Totally understandable. It's a wonderful phone and if AT&T works well in your area it's extremely hard to beat. Fortunately for the competition, AT&T is teh suxxors in most major cities.

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