Sega Console Zippo Lighters Completely Rule!

Sega Genesis Lighter

Are you longing for the days when Sega was a major player in the console world? Do you also happen to need a lighter? Well you’re in luck! Andriasang has reported on two completely awesome Zippo lighters — one with a Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) design and the other shaped like a Sega Saturn!!! The site’s Anoop Gantayat wrote:

The lighters are officially known as the “Sega Memorial Hardware Zippo Lighter No.1 Mega Drive Model” and “Sega Memorial Hardware Zippo Lighter No. 2 Sega Saturn Model.” This seems to suggest that more variations are on the way.

You’re going to have to pay a bit to smoke so stylishly. Banpresto is charging ¥10,500 for each lighter. That’s the price of a later day Genesis, and you won’t get Sonic as a pack-in.

Even though these lighters cost over $100 each, I’m so tempted to pick one up. What’s cooler than lighting a girl’s cigarette and showing her how much you loved the 16-bit era? (Don’t answer that.)

Hit the break for a pic of the Sega Saturn lighter and lemme know what you think (please)!

Sega Saturn Lighter


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9 thoughts on “Sega Console Zippo Lighters Completely Rule!”

  1. I did too. I gained a ton of weight at the same time because I quit smoking and doing one other thing at the same time on the same day. It was rough for about a week and then I just didn't go around either of the 2 things or the people that did it so I could quit. Now I am not even tempted and its been 2 years.

  2. i love zippos, but i dont know if i can afford $100 per lighter. that would be soooo sweet to have though!! i wanna find a way to get them!

  3. A guy on campus once asked me for a light (for his cigarette) and I quickly got my iPhone out and ran an app of a virtual lighter and showed it to the guy.

    The guy gave me a dirty look and left cursing under his breath.

    Does that make me a dick?


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