T-Mobile’s Project Dark is Coming! What the Hell is It?!?

T-Mobile Project Dark

T-Mobile’s Project Dark is supposed to be huge…if you can understand what the hell it’s all about. First thing’s first — Project Dark revolves around a pair of new plans that are supposed to be significantly cheaper than the competition’s. The other big feature of Project Dark is that one of the plans will not require the customary two-year agreement and will allow you to pay for a phone over 20 months. This information is based off of leaks collected by Boy Genius Report; while the BGR scans look accurate, things are subject to change before Project Dark’s October 25th launch.

Still not clear on things? Don’t worry, Project Dark is confusing. Thankfully, Tmonews has simplified the two basic plans:

Even More — Contract required, subsidized phone
Even More Plus — No contract required, lowest rates, no phone subsidy, phone can be paid in 20 installments

The exact price will depend on how many minutes you require. Rumors of a $60 all-you-can-eat plan with unlimited voice, text, and data have been floating around. Sexy hardware (perhaps the Nokia N900) to launch the campaign has also been rumored.

Now that you know more about Project Dark, are any of you interested in jumping ship to T-Mobile? Or are you sticking to your current carrier?


Author: RPadTV