EA Sports President Peter More Talks Digital Distribution and Death

Peter MooreEA Sports’ Peter Moore has always been one of my favorite gaming executives. He’s smart, fun, and extremely quotable. In a recent interview with IGN, Moore laid the smack down on physical media and talked up digital distribution. He said:

I’d say the core business model of video games is a burning platform. Absolutely. We all recognize that, and we’ll recognize it 10 years from now when we tell our grandkids. We’ll tell them we used to drive to the store to get shiny discs that have bits and bites on them and we’d place them in this thing called a “disc tray,” and it’d whirl around…and they’ll go “What?”

I love this analogy, simply because I’ve been dreaming about telling my unborn children all about eight-track tapes. Moore’s example of telling grandchildren about physical discs is sort of the same thing. He doesn’t stop there though! Moore gets a bit more macabre by talking about physical media and digital distribution in terms of death:

As a concept, do you stay on the platform and face certain death, or do you jump into the water and face probable death? Most of you would choose probable death, so you start moving towards a hybrid model of digital distribution.

There’s nothing like telling consumers that the future of console gaming is probably death. Ha!


Author: RPadTV