Nippon Ichi Software President Talks Life After Disgaea


Nippon Ichi Software (Disgaea) is one of my favorite developers. I love the deep and addictive gameplay in its RPGs. The company’s use of unique and quirky humor is outstanding. In a rare interview, NIS president and COO Souhei Niikawa gave Gamasutra an update on the company’s future plans:

Well, RPGs remain a popular genre for the hardcore audience, so I think that RPGs will still be a central part of our strategy.

Disgaea is certainly an important title for Nippon Ichi. We’ll continue to grow that game by doing what’s best for that particular series. Placing our fortunes on nothing but Disgaea wouldn’t be right at all. For example, we want to grow this new game in the same way that we’ve grown Disgaea. We want to make games that are different from Disgaea, of course, but sell just as well as that.

The market is getting harder and harder for small developers, so I worry about a company like NIS. I’m glad to see that it plans on expanding outside of Disgaea. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Hopefully it will still involve prinnies.


Author: RPadTV