AT&T vs. Google: Round 4 — Send in the Nuns

Sound of Music

The war between AT&T and Google regarding Google Voice is getting pretty funny. GigaOm has revealed AT&T’s latest (lame) tactic:

AT&T today countered Google’s claims that it’s blocking Google Voice calls to rural areas because they’re directed to free conference call lines and sex hotlines engaged in the dubious practice of so-called traffic pumping by trotting out a convent of Benedictine Nuns who apparently can’t receive, or make, Google Voice calls, either.

Google’s point about certain rural areas exploiting high-cost termination fees for sex hotlines is legitimate. AT&T trotting out a group of nuns that can’t  receive Google Voice calls is not quite as legitimate (in terms of net neutrality), but it’s definitely underhanded. The company is obviously trying to garner pity from religious people, as in, “Oh my God. These poor nuns can’t receive calls from Google Voice. Google must hate Jesus!!!”

It’s pretty low and more than a little silly. That’s my take on it anyway. What are your thoughts? And also, if you could use Google Voice to call nuns, would you serenade them with “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria”? I certainly would. Ha!


Author: RPadTV