Resistance 3 Billboard Spotted

Resistance 3 Billboard

A NeoGaf netizen posted a few photos of a Resistance 3 billboard spotted in Shreveport, Louisiana. Don’t get too excited — just because the game has a billboard doesn’t mean that it’s coming any time soon. User “nskinnear” noted:

This is a billboard in an upcoming movie called Battle: Los Angeles. Release date for the movie = early 2011. That’s when we can expect Resistance 3.

Hopefully the billboard doesn’t cause too many Insomniac fanboys to…uh…have a happiness explosion.


Author: RPadTV

3 thoughts on “Resistance 3 Billboard Spotted”

  1. while my first instinct is to yell hax and say it's some fine photoshop work, Resistance is the one of the biggest ps3 franchises and another sequel is quite inevitable. I find it odd that before an official announcement is made we get to see this billboard in the middle of louisiana for a movie that's a few years away, though. Wait a second, Battle: Los Angeles….is filming in Shreveport, LA.? …umm….ok then.

    -tha pie

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