Vaping Diaries #304: Zero-G Vape Interview

One of the newest and hottest e-liquid companies in Southern California, Zero-G Vape has launched with five┬ádelicious dessert juices. Several of my vaping buddies are high on the company’s Type-1 e-liquid, an ube-based concoction that’s kind of like a Filipino RY4. As a fan of ube and RY4 e-liquids, I had to try this juice and it has become one of my 2015 favorites. At Vape Summit III, I caught up with Zero-G Vape senior mixologist Gabe Hernandez to learn more about the company, its current e-liquid lineup, and future juices.

Like many of the best things in life, Type-1 was an accident. During experimentation, Gabe came up with more than 20 mixes. The first one ended up being the best and became the juice now known as Type-1. It’s currently Zero-G Vape’s best seller. As a fan of vanilla custard e-liquids, I’m also enjoying Zero-G Vape’s Vanilla Custard juice. It’s reminiscent of Grimm Creations’ Vanilla Custard, but with a better balance (for my tastebuds, anyway). As a fan of apple pie — in real life and in e-liquid form — I’m also digging the company’s Rogue e-liquid. If you’re any kind of an apple pie aficionado then you definitely want to try this juice. Gabe goes over these flavors and the rest of the Zero-G Vape lineup in the video interview below.

While Zero-G Vape launched with five dessert e-liquids, the company has a bunch of fruit blends coming in the near future. Gabe mentioned that the company’s fruit juices should hit some time in the next three months. If the quality is anything like Zero-G Vape’s dessert e-liquids then these fruit juices should be a refreshing summer treat.

Zero-G Vape e-liquids are available in store and online at one of my favorite vape shops, Monster Vape Lounge. Learn more about the company and its juices by watching the video below. If you dig them, kindly hit the Monster Vape Lounge link and pick them up (not an affiliate sale, just a store a like).