NAMM 2013: Journey Instruments OO-verhead Guitar

I’ve seen a lot of travel guitars over the years, but all of them compromised sound quality for portability. The OO-verhead from Journey Instruments is significantly better than its competitors. It offers surprisingly full sound for a travel guitar, yet is small enough to fit in an overhead bin. In terms of sound, the OO-verhead is as big as a dreadnought acoustic at its thickest point, allowing for a full and rich tone. In terms of portability, it comes with a carry-on sized case that has enough room for the guitar, a 14-inch laptop, a tablet, and other travel items.

The OO-verhead is available in wood and carbon fiber. The wood model is geared towards players that want a traditional acoustic sound. Carbon fiber offers a brighter tone, which is a bit polarizing. Unlike wood, it’s not sensitive to humidity changes. The carbon fiber model is a good choice for world travelers that hop around different climate zones…or people that dig the cool, space-age look of carbon fiber.

Personally, I’m lusting for the carbon fiber model. I love its sleek looks and weather resistance. As someone that hops around between California, Hawaii, and Thailand, I appreciate what carbon fiber brings to the table.

Check out the video above and let me know what you think of the Journey Instruments OO-verhead (please!).

Author: RPadTV