Olivia Munn Pulls a Kanye on Taylor Swift

Your favorite no-talent hack and mine, Olivia Munn, continued her plagiarizing ways at the People’s Choice Awards. As Taylor Swift was accepting the award for “Favorite Country Artist,” Munn stole a move from Kanye West’s playbook and interrupted the chronic dater/songwriter’s acceptance speech. That would have been funny if the awards show took place shortly after the infamous 2009 incident at the MTV Video Music Awards. Two and half years later…it seems totally stale.

Oh, I kid, I kid. I’ve been neglecting my Bolivia Bunn writing duties and saw the faux incident as a good way to kickstart my 2013 articles on her. *sigh* It’s going to happen. My nightmare of her becoming the biggest star in America is going to come true and I’m going to spend decades fetching her lattes.


Author: RPadTV