Fudgie the Whale is a Charmander Rip-Off!

Since I don’t visit the east coast too often, I haven’t been to a Carvel in years. My brother and I went the other day, and I was shocked to see that Carvel has a Fudgie the Whale mascot. The first question that popped into my head is, “Why is he standing upright?!? He’s a whale!” The next thought was, “The Fudgie mascot looks very familiar….”

After I posted the picture above on Facebook, my hot friend Emily asked if it was a photo of a Charmander. A-ha! Fudgie the Whale looks like a brown Charmander sans tail. I wonder what Fudgie’s move-set consists of. Does he spray ice cream and those delicious chocolate crunchies at enemies? Maybe he coats himself with fudge armor for increased defense and special defense. I think I’ll take a bunch of pokeballs, head to Carvel, and try to catch Fudgie this afternoon.

Author: RPadTV