Coffee Talk #492: Modern Communications Methods and You

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Communications has changed a ton in the last 15 years. At E3 2012, a PR veteran and I were talking about the days of sending/receiving press releases via fax and delivering screenshots on giant pieces of film. Staying with the dynamic between PR people and game writers provides a good roadmap for the evolution of modern communications. It’s pretty neat and I’d love to see if the same applies to “real” people like you.

I recall many flaks complaining about being unable to get journalists on the phone, but being able to get an email response in minutes. When email became more common, programs like AOL Instant Messenger became the easiest way to get in touch with game journalists. Even IM programs became too big; these days it’s pretty common for business to be done over Facebook messenger or Twitter direct messages.

Personally, I love Twitter DM exchanges; because of the nature of Twitter messages, the conversations are concise and stay on point. That said, I enjoy talking on the phone with people and strengthening connections that way. Email, AIM, Facebook, and Twitter are great, but the connections made actually speaking with people are irreplaceable.

How has communications evolved in your world? Do you do most of your business on the phone? Is email your primary method? Or are you more about IM, Facebook, and Twitter?

Author: RPadTV