Coffee Talk #474: Apple Should Buy…

One of my favorite recurring RPadholic jokes is, “Google should buy…” No matter what the topic or how serious the conversation, I can always count on someone like RPadholic N8R to say that Google should buy this or that. During Apple’s last earnings call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer mentioned that the company has…

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One of my favorite recurring RPadholic jokes is, “Google should buy…” No matter what the topic or how serious the conversation, I can always count on someone like RPadholic N8R to say that Google should buy this or that. During Apple’s last earnings call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer mentioned that the company has around $110-billion. This has caused many pundits to suggest that Apple should buy many things.

The most common call is for Apple to buy a social network. In the last week, I’ve read several articles on the merits of Apple purchasing FourSquare and/or Twitter. Others believe that mobile payments are the future and that Apple should buy Square. Some are calling for Apple to either buy a mobile network or set up an MVNO. Over at Slide To Play, I asked the cats over there if Apple should buy its own game studio. What do you think Apple should do?

Apple has a chance to shake up multiple businesses with all the cash at its disposal. It has an opportunity to make major changes, transforming things forever and for better. Or it could just stick to its core competencies with consumer electronics, expanding in more predictable and conservative ways. What, if anything, do you think Apple should buy?

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  • Thundercracker

    The. Baltimore. Orioles.

    That is all.

    • I wonder if Apple would buy a sports franchise. Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners and actually offers digital scorecards via DS. Imagine scoring a game with an iPad? Imagine getting your iPad crushed by a line-drive foul?

    • lceman

      Damn. I was going to say that "Apple should buy the Miami Dolphins" but you beat me to the [sports] punch.


  • Thundercracker

    You speak as if any Oriole could actually hit the ball with the power necessary to reach the part of the stands which my meager salary confines me to.

    I'm kidding, plenty of good seats available in Baltimore.

    • N8R

      Whatever dude. We need a new owner FAR more than you do.

      Next in line would be Iceman's team, and then tokz.

      • Thundercracker

        Yeah, don't ask me to feel sorry for any Pittsburgh sports franchise. Point taken though.

        How many super bowls and Stanley Cups do you have? You are spoiled, sir.

      • lceman

        I'm relatively happy with two World Series trophies in less than twenty years of the franchise, even though we suck more often than not. I'm very happy with the Heat wiping the floor with the Knicks. Hell, even the Panthers are in the playoffs or something (I don't know- I don't really follow hockey).

        The Dolphins, on the other hand, seemed to have mortgaged their future on the back of Marino and now we're paying for it… and the only thing we have to show for it is some crappy AFC championship trophy.


    • Thundercracker's idea has me dreaming about Apple buying the Oakland A's, moving team to the South Bay, and overspending to the point where it makes the Giants look like a triple-A team. That would be cool.

  • Thundercracker

    Okay, so this is a video from a guy named Mike Polk, comedian in Cleveland and a lifelong Browns fan. If you enjoy football at all…you will find this funny.

    Sorry to be the video guy.

    =[youtube wGfLFmlU8zo&feature=g-all-s youtube]

  • bsukenyan

    I could see Apple buying a game studio or getting into the video game industry in some way, but a sports team would be an interesting way to go too. There are a lot of people who want to see them get in to video games, but who knows.

    I doubt Apple will willingly lose a lot of that cash stockpile though just so they can use it to make a purchase.
    I'm sure this still applies.

  • N8R

    First off, Smartguy started that joke. I just repeat it at inopportune moments.

    But on the topic, I think a mobile carrier would be a smart way to further box in their products, yet I don't think it's a good idea. Getting an exclusive contract was good business at first, but now I feel they need to make the iPhone available on all of them.

    Game studio… meh. When I think of Apple, I still don't think of games. Films, yes. Music, yes. Games… (even though they crush in publishing mobile games now) I still don't think of them like that. Which could be either bad or good if they indeed bought a game studio.

    A sports team… would instantly become the most hated sports team among geeks in America. However, I would totally rock a Cupertino iTeam jersey.

    Considering the situation BSU mentioned, I think they could benefit from buying either a lobbyist or 2 (or 9), or an island of their own to regulate and govern.

    What I would like to see them purchase the most though… is a geothermal energy plant. Maybe even get into the hybrid/electric motor market. Something for the benefit of the future consumers.

  • tokz21

    Iceman, why didn't u tell me u were coming to Chicago and why is ur show so expensive!

    • lceman

      I'm worth every penny, and then some. You should hear me jam on my air guitar. ;)


  • Thundercracker

    Alright, Ray, i may need you to devote an article about this…..not kidding.

    I give you people…Perfect Strangers…The video game….

    • lceman

      OH… MY… GOD!!

      It's brilliant!! Best game based on the opening theme song to an 80's sitcom EVER!!


      • Thundercracker


        I don't know, i thought it was funny…Yeah, I'm starting to think something is wrong with my sense of humor. Maybe that's why you guys totally excluded me from fantasy football this year after I won in 2010?

        I kid. That was because you knew you couldn't beat me.