The Avengers: Iron Man vs. Thor

Here’s a sweet clip from The Avengers┬áthat pits the invincible Iron Man against the mighty Thor. It looks like it’ll be completely awesome on the big screen. Highlights include Thor inadvertently super-charging Tony’s armor with a blast of lightning and a cool exchange of head butts. These clips have me more and more excited for The Avengers! How about you?

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  • lceman

    I made a promise to myself to not watch any more Avengers trailers/movie clips for fear of watching the whole movie before it's in theaters. I mean, let's face it; do you really need any more convincing to go watch this movie or is your mind pretty much made up that you will go see this movie no matter what? And even if you are not convinced yet, (seriously, what's wrong with your brain?) is watching this one clip from a fight scene really going to be the deciding factor?


  • lceman

    The fight scene you mentioned (still not going to watch it) sounds like the fight the Ultimates had in the TPB: Ultimates 2- Gods and Monsters where the Avengers/Ultimates all gang up on Thor since Loki convinced all the humans that he (Thor) is crazy and totally not a thunder god.

    (*aside rant*) Speaking of The Ultimates, I am almost convinced that Joseph Loeb is a DC plant working to sabotage Marvel. The guy does Batman brilliantly, but when they hand him the key's to Marvel's "Ultimates" universe, he drives it into a ditch filled with human excrement that's on fire. I don't think anyone could have f'-ed up the Ultimatum saga any more if they tried to on purpose. Why Marvel allowed him to piss on this universe instead of letting Brian Bendis do it properly, I will never know, but you screwed up big time, Marvel.

    For starters, the order of the TPB's are all messed up and just all over the place… and not in a clever "Quinten Tarintino" way, either. To this date, I have yet to figure out the proper reading order of all the Ultimatum-based issues, and I've read through it all five times already. It's just a huge chronological mess that overlaps main stories with side stories with alternate dimensions with obscure references to other things you haven't read about because you didn't know you were supposed to read it culminating in what appears to be a Venn diagram from hell.

    Second; I understand that you have to shake things up in the comic book world every now and then and that the "Ultimate" line has run it's course to make way for the grand reconstruction of the entirety of the Marvel universe, but, there are some things in there that would completely turn off the reader. Heroes killing bad guys, violent, gratuitous deaths for the sake of violence, The Statue of Liberty eating Johnny Storm, The Hulk calmly eating pancakes at a diner and then having sex with Zarda, J. Johnah Jameson kissing Spider-man's ass, The Brotherhood (or what's left of them during Requiem) pulling Assemble out of their collective asses, Johnny and Sue’s mom appearing seemingly out of nowhere to become a major character… the list goes on and on.

    Don't get me wrong, this thing had a lot of potential to go out with a bang, but Loeb blew it big time. Even the closure (which this whole event was supposed to be about) was mishandled. Reed Richards moving back in with his parents? Really? Gha! It just kills me that Marvel would take such an awesome line and decide to rail-road it in to a pile of manure at it’s end. It’s not that I think I could have done better (which I totally could have), but if it were me, I would simply turn to Brian Bendis and say: “Here; you created this, now end it right.” That’s it. That’s all the guy in charge had to say. Instead, they go to the glorified DC scribe and say: “Here; run it into the ground as bad as you possibly can.”

    I am seriously considering punishing Marvel for this buy not buying any more of their crap for a while. It’s going to take me some time to get over the garbage that I just read.

    … and don't even get me started on the Ultimates 3…

    /end rant


    • Who's Joseph Loeb? Is he Jeph Loeb's brother? :p

      Loeb is really inconsistent. Ultimates 3 and the technicolor Hulk saga were not the best. His Captain America stuff was good and sold well, so it's not like he's totally bombing at Marvel.

      • lceman

        "Jeph" is Joseph Loeb's nickname. I can't tell if you seriously didn't know that or if you are just messing with me. Personally, I think "Joe" would have been a better nickname, but maybe he didn't want to share the thunder with Joe Quesada or something.

        "Good" and "Sold well" are not mutually inclusive. Books can sell well because of the brand name or name recognition or because it is hotly anticipated. That doesn't mean that it is any good.

        Case in point; all of Loeb's awards (Eisner, Wizard) are for Batman and Superman (mostly Batman). The guy can churn out best sellers, sure, but the critical praise to those best sellers seem to be skewered towards his DC stuff than his Marvel works.

        I have never read any of his Captain America or Hulk stuff aside from the Ultimates. I think he wrote the death of Captain America, though. If you recommend it, I'll give it a look, and I appreciate the warning for staying away from The Red Hulk. I really haven't been too much of a Hulk fan since Lou Ferrigno, anyway.

        Have you read any of the Ultimatum stuff? If so, I'd like to get your opinion on it. Maybe it's just something I ate that is causing disillusionment in my judgment…. over and over and over again.


      • Yes, I was kidding. I know his full name is Joseph, but I don't recall seeing him credited as such.

        And yes, sales and quality are not always related. The first issue of Ultimates 3 sold really well, for example. In the Captain America case, I thought it was a good book that deserved the high sales.

        Most of nerd friend don't like the multicolor Hulk books. Part of it is that it tries to be too clever and fails. Part of it is that it was hard to follow Greg Pak's excellent Planet Hulk and very good World War Hulk.

        I have read Ultimatum and I didn't really like it. It just seemed too big and the storytelling got out of control. My favorite parts of Ultimate Spider-Man, The Ultimates, and Ultimate X-Men were the great character interactions that happened during and between the adventures. Ultimatum kind of drowned that stuff out.

      • lceman

        "…Ultimatum kind of drowned that stuff out."

        (*rim shot*)


  • Smartguy

    Not knowing too much about the characters I have to question how much of a fight Thor (a god with a god's weapon) and Ironman actually is??

    Then again I always used Raiden in MK because he was a god and couldn't possibly lose to someone stupid like Sonja or Kano.

    I'm tired.

    • Thundercracker

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Demi-God vs billionaire

    • To be fair, Iron Man only really got one shot in and that was after Thor accidentally supercharged his armor.

  • What's the point of being a god if a Demi-god is always better!

    • lceman

      I always thought that god > demi-god. You konw, because "demi" means "half" or "lesser" or something like that.


      • Smartguy

        Hercules always won in his tv show though!

      • lceman

        Xena > Hurcules


      • Smartguy

        Hmm. Yes. But then no since Herc always had hot chicks in his show.Sent from my iPhone 4

      • Joxer is greater than both of them.