Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Video Interview

Nvidia director of GeForce gaming Jason Paul joins talks about the GeForce GTX 680 in this video interview. Not only is Nvidia’s latest graphics card its most powerful gaming card to date, it’s also the most efficient. In addition to killer performance, the GTX 680 consumes less power and runs quieter than its forerunners. Paul talks about the GTX 680’s numerous features, including FXAA, adaptive vsync, GPU boost, and quad-display support.

For a full review of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 680, I highly recommend checking out this excellent AnandTech article. The chart below comes from the site’s review.

Any of you planning to upgrade to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 680?

Author: RPadTV


  • BigBlak

    Damn, the video doesn't play on my phone.

    • It should if you have Flash installed.

      • lceman

        … and what about those of us with iPhones?


      • It should default to the HTML5 version for you. It works on my iPad that way.

  • Smartguy

    Something like this will be what I use in my PC when I upgrade later this year. I'm never running 2 cards again. I'd rather 1 card to rule them all.

    • lceman

      What was the problem with running two video cards? I was running two Nvidia 8800's a few years ago for my office computer.

      Aside from the fact that they ran too hot and were humongous, everything went fine.
      (they later crapped out because of the heat, but I think that was more my fault for not getting a bigger case with proper cooling and ventilation).


      • Smartguy

        Less heat and noise. No more waiting for profiles.

        Also video memory doesn't stack in a x2 configuration. So if you were running 2 1gig cards you still only have 1 gig of memory. You are simply splitting the load between both cards.

        I'd prefer 1 card with plenty of memory and less heat. Overall stability with 1 card is also a reason.

      • Less power consumption too, which also ties into heat and noise. PC power supplies were getting out of hand. It's nice to see Nvidia add power AND efficiency with the new card.