Coffee Talk #460: You Down With NFC? (Yeah, You Know Me!)

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Before I get started, it’s very important that you play the YouTube video above. The column will be 57 percent more entertaining with the song playing. Ready? Let’s go! Back in May 2011, we had a little chat about Google Wallet. The broader and better discussion is about near-field communication or NFC, as it’s more commonly known. NFC is popping up in more and more phones every day. Soon, it will become a standard feature for the majority of smartphones sold in first-world countries. There are several NFC services similar to Google Wallet being developed; a lot of big business want you to use your phone to pay for things. There are also some simpler applications like being able to exchange contact info by simply waving your NFC-equipped phone. Do you care about any of this stuff?!?

Every week, I get bombarded by press releases touting NFC and NFC applications. A lot of companies are betting big on this technology, but so far, I couldn’t care less about it. I have absolutely no interest in using my phone to pay for things. A few friends and relatives have had their credit cards scanned and are now shielding their cards with metal wallets. Storing payment information on my phone would just give me one more thing to worry about. Beyond that, it simply doesn’t add any convenience for me; before I leave my apartment, I always make sure that I have my ID, which is stored in my wallet — you know, that receptacle where my bank cards live too.

Exchanging contacts through NFC? *yawn*

The one area where I could see myself getting excited about NFC is gaming. Imagine a Pokemon-like game on your phone that lets your trade and battle over NFC? How about NFC being used to scan “smart posters” that allow you to import new items or characters into a game? Screw mobile payments! This is what I want NFC to be used for.

Are you down with NFC? (Yeah, you know me!) What kind of NFC applications interest you?

Author: RPadTV