GameSpy Coworker Update: John Keefer and Sal Accardo

I wanted to make sure you guys and gals were aware of two web sites run by two of my former GameSpy¬†coworkers: the excellent John Keefer and the dazzling Sal Accardo. Keefer is a master of MMOs and PC RPGs; you can read his thoughts and musings at An Avatar’s Life. Sal is a beast at first-person shooters, World of Warcraft, and music games. He’s sharing his thoughts over at Bytica.

If you have a chance, please visit their sites and leave a comment letting ’em know I sent you. These guys are awesome.

Author: RPadTV


  • Thundercracker

    Is Sal also known as "sluggo"?

  • jLeeper

    Sal is the man at anything music game. We're talking worldwide top 50 at just about any Rock Band/GH game.