Final Fantasy VI Meets Pat Benatar

When last you heard from him, Justin Leeper (author of the book Still Man Fights) rapped about the Occupy movement. This time he’s gone in a totally different direction, melding Final Fantasy VI and Pat Benatar. Check out the song above and official description below:

I felt these two songs — “Love is a Battlefield” and “Decisive Battle” — would go well together, so I set out to mix them. I wrote some additional lyrics, got my wife to sing, and made a video using gameplay from one of my favorite games of all-time, Square’s Final Fantasy VI (FF III in the US on SNES).

The music is “Decisive Battle,” from the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. Both It and the game’s likenesses are owned by Square Enix.

“Love is a Battlefield” was written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight, and was made famous by Pat Benatar.

My wife Kate did the singing on this video. I did rap and additional lyrics.

As always, Justin is looking for feedback on his work. So please leave a comment here or on his YouTube page.

Author: RPadTV


  • jLeeper

    Wading through all the gameplay footage for the video really got me nostalgic for the game. I remember getting it (as Final Fantasy III) on SNES. I played it for 84 hours, beat it, then immediate started playing all over again. Second time only took 68 hours. Enjoyed every minute.

    Those were good days. Around that time, I remember playing through Secret of Mana, Zelda: LTTP and Chrono Trigger. For the latter, I rented it over spring break, and didn't return it until I beat it.