Coffee Talk #435: Your Tech & Videogame Christmas 2011 Haul

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, or commercial holiday. I’ve heard about some of your Xmas loot, but I’d love to hear about it all! Any of you get new games? How about a new phone or tablet? Maybe you had a really vivid dream…

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I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, or commercial holiday. I’ve heard about some of your Xmas loot, but I’d love to hear about it all! Any of you get new games? How about a new phone or tablet? Maybe you had a really vivid dream about a new MacBook Pro or iMac and one magically appeared under your Christmas tree?!? (That technique didn’t work for me, btw.) Kindly share your tech and videogame Christmas look in today’s comments section!

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  • tokz21

    Well I got $150 to spend. I'm thinking I should splurge and buy the collectors edition of SWTOR. I got a $30 gc to my local comic shop. Also got and Rpad will probably be the only geeking out with me, I got an autographed Batman arkham asylum graphic novel, tbp of the death of superman it has to be a first print tbp cuz the pages are turning yellow-ish and it kinda has that mildew smell to it and also a world without superman too in the same condition. I haven't read them yet but I can't wait to!!

  • Sandrock

    My awesome sister got me a Kindle Fire, currently using, and my room mate got me a new xbox controller. I'm thinking about getting a new wireless head set too, since I gave my brother mine after I got my turtle beach headset.

  • N8R

    Me… I got a coffee pot, a $50 bill, and an awesome Gears swag bag full of awesome shirts.

    My son however… Got a Kinect that I can't pry him away from.

    • tokz21

      I was thinking about picking one up since they are 99 at best buy but I still think that's too much

    • I tell you, My son loves the thing too. They're GREAT for gamers with kids. The best way to get my son to take a nap in the afternoon is to fire up the Kinect at about 12:00 and just let him do the Boxing in Kinect Sports for about an hour.

  • lceman

    As far as electronic and related stuff, my little brother got me a really sweet-looking surge protector/battery back-up (which I actually need) and a wireless iPhone/iPad/iPod charger.

    That's pretty much it. The rest was clothes, shoes and a lot of stuff for the baby.


  • I got a new Computer with X-Mas and saved up B-Day money about a week before X-Mas. So now I can play real games on a PC (I can haz Old Republik?), where as before my old PC would crash if I launched Minesweeper. Also got a bunch of Giftcards to GameStop and BestBuy.

    My son made out like a bandit. He got 3 new games for his Leapster, Kinect Sports 2, some old GameCube games to play, as well as the V-Tech Reader (it's like a Kindle for kids, teaches them how to read and write).

    @Ray: About 5 minutes ago, my son runs into my bedroom with two wrapping paper tubes and goes, "Look Daddy, I'm Nightwing!!!" I laughed and immediately thought of you since you're a big fan.

    • Glad to see your son is developing great taste in superheroes! The world needs more Nightwing fans.

  • Smartguy

    Loot from Santa and others:
    Darth Vader Lego Tie Fighter, 3DS, Starfox, Mario 3D, and OoT3D, Epic Mickey, Darth Vader thumb drive, cash, lots of other various Star Wars gifts. So random to get that much Star Wars stuff!

    Loot to me from me:
    2 pairs of Johnston and Murphy shoes, a new Perlis belt and SW:TOR

    Good haul this year.

  • SlickyFats

    Bought lots of video games (mentioned them the other day)
    My 3-year old brother "bought" me MW3, a $150 bestbuy gift card and a PS3 airflow controller
    I picked up Red Dead Redemption for $7.99 on Best Buys site today.

    Brings my PS3 totals to:
    93 disc based games
    69 downloaded games

    And I still have 29 games for my 360. I just got rid of it with the Kinect and 4 games for $50

    Best gift by far though is my new OralB 3000

  • Well, my Christmas gadget (so to speak) was the PlayStation 3 3D Display. I've gotta say that I was wondering if it'd be worth it in the end, but the $299 deal at Best Buy was too good to pass up. While I'm a little surprised at what the bundle didn't include (Seriously? No remote? No second pair of glasses to actually USE the SimulView?), I'm still pretty impressed with it. Hooked it up and watched Captain America and TRON: Legacy in the office, followed up by some Uncharted 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations in 3D. Definitely worth the cash …

    • SlickyFats

      I tested out the unit in the store and I was truly impressed with the "split" screen. There was no hint of the other screen being there.
      Does the built in sub-woofer help out at all with the sound or is it just gimmicky?

      • The subwoofer isn't going to blow your walls down or anything, but it's far from "gimmicky". It definitely makes a difference. The sound is full and meaty, particularly when you switch away from the Standard setting to either Dynamic or Cinema (or just tinker with a Custom setting 'til you get what you want). Not like the tinny sound a lot of smaller TVs squeak out.

  • bsukenyan

    I got a Kindle Fire as my big electronics gift this year. I love it, but I am still a little jealous of my sister who got a 3DS. I do love the Fire though, and my downfall will be the amount of books I want to buy despite the lack of money for all that I want.

    There are a couple small complaints though. I'm a little disappointed that it is considered to be a tablet that runs android, but doesn't have all the apps I want from a supposedly android tablet. Specifically, it is missing the Google Plus app which I was really hoping it would have. I do understand there being some differences between a tablet like the Motorola Xoom and the Kindle Fire, but I wish the app selection was more standard.

    • Lunias

      I don't think it's a tablet; try pseudo-tablet (false tablet). My biggest problem is how difficult it is to find your account balance. That, and that I can't find much free stuff.

      • bsukenyan

        That is another thing that I would have expected to be easier to find. I would agree that it is a pseudo tablet though. Last night I actually tried posting on here from my Fire, but it apparently didn't make it online. What I said in that post is that I expected more integration considering it is an Amazon product. I'm disappointed there isn't an option to save a book to a wish list in the book store. I prefer looking for books in the book store, but since I can't afford to make all the purchases I want right now I'd like to put them in my wishlist for later. The only way to do that from the Fire is more difficult then I think it should be. I shouldn't have to click the link at the bottom of the page to take me to the website where I can add it to my booklist; a third button in the bookstore (purchase, sample, wishlist) would make more sense.

        Amazon Prime does help find some free books, but I haven't found much either other than Classics books (anything old enough to no longer be under copyright protection). It is a little disappointing that you can only borrow one book per month through the Prime lender's library. I'm also going to try setting up my library account with my Kindle and seeing how my local library's Kindle selection is. That could be a good option for free books too.

      • Smartguy

        I'd recommend the Conan books. They are no longer copyright protected.

      • bsukenyan

        I've already gotten some Henry David Thoreau and The Jungle to read again. There are some good books out there that are out of copyright though, it's just a matter of finding the ones you like. I'll have to see if the Conan books interest me though. The Dark Tower series is one I will be purchasing soon though, it's about time I finally finish that series (or at least complete until the eight book comes out).

      • Smartguy

        An 8th book would be interesting there. I'd buy it.Sent from my iPhone 4

      • bsukenyan

        The eighth book is supposed to be out sometime in 2012 (along with a sequel to The Shining). We will see when it actually comes out, but there is also supposed to be a Dark Tower: The Gunslinger movie the following year.

      • Smartguy

        Oh wow. That's an interesting series to do. I don't see how they make the 5th book without getting sued lol.When you finish the 7th book you'll understand what I mean that the 8th would be VERY intriguing.Sent from my iPhone 4

      • bsukenyan

        Well I am looking forward to reading the series. I started it in high school, finished the first two books, but didn't keep up with my reading in college as I now wish I would have. Currently I'm reading Justin Leeper's 'Still Man FIghts" which is making me anxious to start The Gunslinger soon. Perhaps it's just been so long since I read The Gunslinger, but the two books feel similar.

      • tokz21

        Have you tried reading or seeing how the DC comics graphic novels exclusivity works??

      • bsukenyan

        downloaded a couple samples, but no purchases yet. Mostly because I didn't know which one(s) to get, but the format is really good.

      • tokz21

        Here's a list from DC comics on what available

      • bsukenyan

        Batman year one and watchmen are the two I have sampled. They both look good on the Fire, but I might wait to purchase once ive gotten a couple other books first.

        Batman AA and AC sound cool, but I haven't looked into what relation they have exactly to the video games yet, and that would play some part in my interest in them.

      • tokz21

        If I read the post right the AA is not the same storyline from the game because it is the one written by grant morrison a long time ago. Now I've never read it so whether that storyline was the influence on the game I don't know especially since dc did come up with a comic series after arkham asylum was released. But if it is the one from Morrison it is one of the must read tbps for batman fans.

      • bsukenyan

        It is the one by Morrison. So with a different story than the bane I might have to pick that one up. I will probably pick up the frank miller Year One asa well sometime. The writing in the beginning of that one is great, if that is an accurate example.

  • Lunias

    I received a Kindle Fire, a Belkin Verve case, a Rocketfish stylus, and a $50 Amazon gift card, with which I have bought two books, four songs, 23 games and 41 other apps (with around $13 to spare). Also some puzzles and a scarf. And many, many cookies, which I don't have anymore.

  • Lunias

    That is, free books, movies, and music. Though Amazon Prime helps.

  • Thundercracker

    gift cards, oh and my computer totally crashed on me….

    Back up and running though after a fresh install…..(thanks demonoid!!)

  • BigBlak

    I'm going to be getting a bottle of hot sauce and a Phillip J Fry figurine :-)

    • BigBlak

      Also found a house to rent out here.