Rage Launch Party Pictures

Here are a bunch of random pictures from id Software’s launch party for Rage. (You know, that thing I was at when I sent you those drunk messages on Google+) It was a pretty big blowout and way better than most LA videogame parties. Of course there were lots of celebs around. Charlize Theron was the official host of the party. I recall seeing Seth Green, Jaime Pressly, Danny Masterson, Topher Grace, and Chris Pine. I was totally bummed that I missed Stacy Keibler. The Black Keys put on a sweet performance. It was cool briefly seeing my E3 buddy Sarah Carroll. My favorite part was bumping into id CEO Todd Hollenshead. He looked so happy and proud! I was thrilled for him.

Anyway, check out these picks. Highlights include some idiot climbing on top of the Rage kiosks and some woman vomiting into a trash can. Ha!

[nggallery id=76]

Author: RPadTV