Nintendo Wii Successor Coming in 2012: Do You Care?

Nintendo has confirmed that its next home videogame console will arrive in 2012. The mystery console, with the purportedly ridiculous controller, will be shown at E3 2011. Here’s a clip from Nintendo of Japan’s investor relations page:

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has decided to launch in 2012 a system to succeed Wii, which the company has sold 86.01 million units on a consolidated shipment basis between its launch in 2006 and the end of March 2011.

We will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

I know that a lot of you are down on the Wii, DS, and 3DS (which makes me sad…for the first two anyway), but I wanted to check if you’re curious about Nintendo’s upcoming console? Will HD capabilities, Nintendo’s first-party lineup, and a unique take on games be enough to bring you back into Mario’s world? Or have you outgrown Nintendo? Do you guys care about Nintendo’s next move? Or has the company burned you out with motion and 3D?

Source via Joystiq

Author: RPadTV


  • Big Blak

    I am curious to see what comes next. If anything I would get a Wii for super cheap once this one comes out.

  • SlickyFats

    I am always interested in what comes out. I can almost guarantee I won't buy it though. I still haven't gotten a Wii.

  • I'm sad that Nintendo has released two consoles now that I have no desire to own :( Hopefully this next one will bring me back.

    Random fact, the Wii is a hard console to develop for because of it's outdated hardware. Developers can't use any new development techniques designed to make development easier and they have to use older/different tools.

    That said, I wonder if a more powerful console will encourage developers to make games for Nintendo. If it is current gen powerful, will that be enough to keep developers when Sony and Microsoft release their next consoles?

  • thundercracker

    ill get it, just because ive always wanted a controller with a built in flux capaciter

  • RRODizHere

    Don't care. I outgrew Mario 15 years ago. Whatever this new system is it will be more Mario this and Mario that.

  • SlickyFats

    I only ever wanted a Wii for the classic games anyway.

    They should re-release the NES, just like it was before. The fine art of making a cartridge work by cleaning it with Q-tips and alcohol, blowing in them, pushing them in the console at just the precise depth, or using an exact amount of Legos to hold the cartridge in the the fully down position is something that should be brought back.

    The effort required to play older games is a huge part of the nostalgia I feel towards them and it just isn't same without having a crappy CRT, the perfectly designed ergonomic black and gray rectangle with 4 buttons and a d-pad and the aforementioned 'skills' need to play.

  • smartguy

    I won't be interested if the price is too high. As it is making a new machine that out performs current consoles isn't that hard since they are 5 years old.

  • smartguy

    I wonder when it will release? Holiday? If so I wish these kinds of releases would say "end of 2012" instead of leaving it open.

    • Lunias

      They can't release at the end of 2012 because the world ends on Dec. 21st, silly!

  • Nightshade386

    They'll have to sell me on the games this time around, as they couldn't really do that for me with the Wii. I've kinda outgrown plumbers and hedgehogs, so they've gotta bring something to the table that I'm interested in playing.

  • bsukenyan

    The price would have to be right for me. I thought I outgrew Nintendo a couple years ago and that to be a 'real' gamer I had to play something else, which is why I sold my DS lite and bought my first Xbox. I soon realized that that wasn't the case though and that I will probably never outgrow Nintendo. I may not always like their current products (read: gamecube) but overall I am positive I will always love their games and Nintendo as a whole.

    • Iceman

      See, here is where I'm Bizzaro Iceman; I actually liked the GameCube. It was the first console I've ever bought with my own money. At the time, I couldn't really afford a PS2 (or rather, a PS2 and a GameCube), and I did not have a PS1 (yet I've always had a Nintendo console) so I went with the GameCube and I was not disappointed.

      Since I was heavily into school during those years (and girls that were at school, more importantly), I did not have a lot of time to play games. I was primarily a PC gamer back then. The few games I had for the GameCube, I loved. My first game on it was Rogue Squadron and it rocked. Eternal Darkness, Paper Mario, two Zelda games, Metroid Prime 1&2, Resident Evil 4, Smash Bros. Melee and a few more made me love my purchase of the GCN. (I played Final Fantasy VII and VIII on the PC, by the way. IX and X did not come out for the PC, and that's when I stopped playing Final Fantasy… until I got my first PS2 in 2007)

      In contrast, I was given the Wii the first week it was released and I am nothing short of underwhelmed by the titles I have. It started out OK, as I mildly enjoyed a playthrough of Mario Galaxy, but then I never thought of it again after I beat it once and got all of the stars (except for one) unlike Mario 64. Metroid Prime 3 was almost as forgettable, drowning in the shadows of the original Prime. Okami was good, but it was on the PS2 first. I started playing No More Heroes, but have not finished as Bioshock got a hold of me and was much more entertaining. Smash Bros. Brawl is not fun unless you have people playing with you in person since the online thing for the Wii sucks harder than a Dyson Black Hole. Harvest Moon… well, that's my wife's and I think it sucks unless you're a 9-year old Japanese girl with no friends or any concept of pain. Boom Blox and Wii Sports are nice little mini-games that can kill a couple of casual hours playing with small children, women, or old people but not male gaming peers.

      I've also been spoiled by my Xbox. Going from a good game with gorgeous graphics on my 1080p Samsung to the eyesore of blurry textures that mar most Wii games are kind of a turnoff, regardless of gameplay. If I'm going to sit down to play a fun game, I need it to look like the developers didn't purposely try to give themselves eye surgery with a rusty fork minutes before working on the game.

      But hey, that's just me.


      • Lunias

        I don't think you're the only one who liked the Gamecube. I saw Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Twilight Princess and Sonic Adventure 2 on that system, so it's kinda hard for me to think of the GC as a bad console.

      • Iceman

        Well, I know I'm not, but when I read all of these "professional" gaming sites, I read about how the GCN was the read-headed step child of the last generation.

        I guess since I had nothing to compare it to and I have a favorable opinion of the games I played on it makes me the odd man out from the mainstream.


      • smartguy

        I only hated the gamecube controllers. Awkward and a 3 foot cord.

      • I see the opposite actually. Most of the gaming press loved the GameCube. It didn't have the sales of the PS2 or the buzz of the Xbox, but the press loved the first-party games.

  • Big Blak

    To me all those GC you named are the best ones. I lost interest in RE after Nemesis.

  • smartguy

    Question: What about that dumbass vitality sensor?

    • Lunias

      Answer: I think Nintendo might've realized how stupid it sounded and gave up on it. I hope so, because they'd instantly become the laughing stock of the gaming world if they actually released it.

    • Lunias

      I really do hope it's not just a Wii HD or something like that. I would rather like Nintendo to take a step away from motion controls: they were fun at first, but I've spent so much time trying to calibrate the remotes and master the precision required to use them properly that I just wish I had a regular controller that I don't need to scrounge around for my TV remote's batteries to use. That means "bring back the cord. I hate batteries."

      • All signs point to it being more that just a Wii HD. It's a new system with interesting power and some cool 3DS connectivity. This is all buzz, of course, but I've been talking with lots of people who know people (not Barbara Streisand).

      • Lunias

        I always wanted console-handheld connectivity to be more widespread, but they haven't made much of a big deal about it until just recently. I hope the new systems will feature more connectivity; as much as some people say it isn't important, I'd love to take games like SSBB or Twilight Princess with me.

        Everyone I have talked to in-person has told me that the 3DS is a dumb idea and that they won't buy it, while many people on the internet are saying how great it is. I wonder what the difference is?

  • Redd75

    (insert Slickyfats first comment here), that's pretty much what I was thinking. Also, with a baby on the way I'm gonna be financially forced to remain a one-console kind of guy.