King of Kong Arcade (Orlando) Video Tour

During a break on my Orlando work trip, I shot some quick footage of Billy Mitchell’s King of Kong Arcade, nestled in Orlando International Airport (MCO). It’s a small arcade with some games and a merchandise stand…and not a single Donkey Kong cabinet in sight. Despite its size, I’m thrilled that there’s an arcade in a major airport. I miss them.

Anyway, check out the clip and let me know what you think (please!).

Author: RPadTV


  • tokz_21

    i miss arcades too! I'm really shocked that there is no Donkey Kong game in there too!

    • bsukenyan

      He doesn't want to give anyone a chance to beat his record. Every Donkey Kong cabinet that is out there is just another opportunity for someone to beat him.

      • Neither him nor Steve Wiebe (the other guy in the movie) have the record at the moment.

  • tokz_21


    i'd doubt that someone would have the time to play that DK cabinet if they re playing it at an airport.

    you can't call it the King of Kong arcade and not have a DK machine.

    • I'm positive someone would fly there just for that purpose, or at least to beat Billy's score. "Look Billy. I beat your score in YOUR arcade. Bitch."

      • bsukenyan

        Exactly why I think he didn't put one in his arcade.

        Generally I would agree with you Tokz, but Mitchell seems to be outside of the circle of normal people and how they operate.


        I don't know the guy's name, but I did know that someone else has the record currently.

      • The record holder is some Chinese surgeon.

      • tokz_21

        yeah i can see that reasoning but i don't think the arcade would allow it. Someone would trip the circuit or unplug it or say they have to close. lol

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  • thundercracker

    do they even still make arcade games?