January Housekeeping

Last month was surprisingly strong for the site. I was expecting a big dip from an excellent November and December, but it didn’t pan out that way. Let’s break it down.

– Traffic in January 2011 was up almost 50 percent from January 2010. Thanks for all the visits and comments! My Sony NGP stories performed really well, which is nice since that’s some of the best writing I’ve done for the site in months.

– Amazon sales held steady too. I was expecting a huge drop-off from the holiday shopping season. Thankfully two of you bought consoles in January. Ha! I can’t count on you guys and dolls to buy consoles every month, but I appreciate all the purchases you make through my site. With some luck, February won’t be too big a drop-off from January.

– February should kick off an interesting few months for the site. I’ll be attending DICE, GDC, and PAX East. I’m hoping to serve up some fun video content from these events. I’ll be telling you about my DICE interviews shortly. I have some cool people lined up and hope to confirm a few more this week.

– I was wondering how you guys get to the site. Do you just have it bookmarked? Do you use the site’s RSS feed to get updates? Maybe it’s a channel on your iGoogle page? Please let me know, as there are some things that I might tweak depending on your usage habits.

Author: RPadTV


  • smartguy

    Safari pane of most visited.

    Interview Carmack thanks lol

    • He's actually a tough interview, especially for my style. I'd be too worried about offending him and trying to make him sound fun.

      • smartguy


        His dryness and genius are incredible. I can see where you are coming from though.

      • He's better on paper than on video.

      • smartguy

        Hehe yeah I bet. I prefer to read interviews. It's a pacing thing for me.

      • It depends on the style really. For informative, hard-hitting stuff, print is always best. That's not really what I like to do. I want to help developers get over whatever it is they want to push, but I also want to help viewers get to "know" the developers better.

  • N8R

    I have a bookmark in the toolbar at work and home as well as it's my homepage on all my home browsers.

  • RRODizHere

    Bookmark for me.

    • Nightshade386


  • bsukenyan

    I bookmark it and just visit it. I have it set up for an RSS feed, but I can't stand using it- so I don't. Glad I could help with the console, and I'm really hoping to still be able to afford the 3DS, and as long as I can get it I will definitely be going through here!

    Can't wait for the great content that will be coming from DICE, GDC (maybe you can get the scoop on a Wii 2- lol), and PAX east. It's too bad there is nothing cool like that going on in Chicago.

  • Iceman

    I, too, have it on one of my Safari panes of recently visited sites, but on my other computer, I just type "R" in the address line, and the site automatically pops up.


  • tokz_21

    I just type it in. I should have it as a bookmark but i'm mostly on when i'm at work or my iphone. when i'm on the iphone i just have it open as separate browser window.

  • smartguy

    Glad you said that Ray. I was worried that it might offend you haha.

    • Nah, not at all. Plus, video content is more lucrative for me. Ha!

      • Iceman

        … especially if someone gets hit in the crotch during the interview. Then, you'll go viral!


      • I'm not Kevin Garnett.

  • I have it bookmarked, but rarely use it. I have Firefox set up to always restore my last session, so that I never have to open websites I use often. I just leave AOL, Twitter, Facebook, and RPAD open all the time and never exit out of them. This way when I open Firefox, it automatically opens them for me.

  • Big Blak

    Home page on the cell and I type it on a comp or Google it just cuz.