Coffee Talk #294: Celebs You Should Hate, But Actually Like

Confession: I like Ashton Kutcher. On paper, I should loathe him. Punk’d is retarded. A lot of his movies suck. And there was that stretch in the early 2000’s when he annoyingly went to every videogame party in Los Angeles…

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Confession: I like Ashton Kutcher. On paper, I should loathe him. Punk’d is retarded. A lot of his movies suck. And there was that stretch in the early 2000’s when he annoyingly went to every videogame party in Los Angeles. (To be fair, it wasn’t just him. Every party had at least on person from That ’70s Show and American Pie.)

The truth is…I find him funny and charming in some of his movies. I’ve enjoyed listening to him talk about his politics (fiscally conservative, socially liberal). I like that he’s perceived as this idiot pretty boy, but is much smarter than he looks. I love that he was one of the first celebrities to use Twitter in a hardcore way. Although his restaurants — Dolce and Geisha House — draw a hipster crowd, they’re actually very good. The Demi Moore thing is pretty cool too.

Ah, I feel better now that I’ve come clean about all of that. Do you have any celebrities you like but, on paper, should hate? Whether they’re from movies, music, or TV, please share your celebrity confessions today!

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  • smartguy

    Al Franken. I despise his acting and comedy but as a politician he doesn't rub me the wrong way mostly. He is for consumer protection on the internets (hehe) but voted for COICA, so currently I'm a bit conflicted.

    He strikes me as one of the last unbought senators right now.

  • smartguy

    Nobody is feeling the coffee talk? Haha.

    • Yeah, it's no biggie. I'm super jet lagged at the moment and I didn't have any good ideas in the morning. More on the jet lag in an upcoming "Airplane Movie Review" article.

  • bsukenyan

    Yeah I fell asleep all afternoon, I've been really tired for the past few weeks and I'm not sure why. However, I still have no clue who I could pick for this.

    I went and got my pikachu from Toys R Us last night, and I might go and get my suicune from gamestop now. We are supposed to have a huge ice storm coming through and I need to head about and get some food and water anyways. I'm going to be pretty mad if we lose power, but will be happy if they close down the university (it's been about two years since that has happened here last).

  • N8R

    So… how come nobody is talking about Oscar nominations?

    In my opinion, Christian Bale should get it for The Fighter. Dude was incredible.

    Best Picture… there's 10 of them, and I have yet to see a few. True Grit is on my list for tonight because it's the Coen Bros, and they deserve the first swing at my catch up. Besides, Jeff bridges is in it and we all know that Coen Bros + Jeff Bridges = Pure Win.

    After that is 127 hours because I hadn't even heard of the film until the nominations.

    I have the King's Speech last on my list because it seems like the kind of movie that will bore the hell out of me (like the Black Swan did minus one AWESOME lesbian scene with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis), but that's good because if it doesn't I will enjoy the surprise.

    Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress…. too many I haven't seen to be fair.

    Director… I'm rooting for Nolan just because.

    • I like Colin Firth.

    • bsukenyan

      I have no clue who/what is nominated for anything, it's never been something that I paid attention to. The Fighter and True Grit do look good to me though, and even though they don't apply to this year's awards Sanctum actually looks decent to me as does The Rite.

  • smartguy

    So Newegg won't let me order SB chip or mobo. A recall today on the day I was pulling the trigger on my last few parts!!!!

  • Big Blak

    Been thinking about this all day and it finally hit me. On paper we should all hate this guy. He's filthy rich, younger than most of us, and pasty as all hell. Mark Zuckerberg. I really like that guy but I should hate him because he has the money I desire and hes young as hell.

  • smartguy

    Hmmm….so maybe going with i7 950 isn't so bad. SB might have another flaw down the road…besides Ivy Bridge might be better to get anyway…

    yes…talking myself into settling. GIrlfriend isn't home right now so it is up to me to talk myself out of buying that chip and mobo….

  • thundercracker

    i love justin timberlake…that took a lot to admit…he was in n sync..but hes so god damn talented and funny.

    • He won me over with his SNL sketches.

    • bsukenyan

      I will second that. I hated N SYNC, but everything after that I am fine with.

    • Big Blak

      JT is the man, I like all his albums, and own most of them.

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