Andrew Garfield Likes Spider-Man Costume, Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield is enjoying his time working on the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Well duh! Who wouldn’t enjoy getting paid millions of dollars to play around in a Spider-Man costume and make out with Emma Stone?!? People caught up with The Social Network actor to get his thoughts on the experience. Regarding trying on the costume for the first time he said:

It was humbling and strange, and I was really moved by it. It felt right. It felt wrong. Kind of all of the above. It was just a strange, surreal moment.

As for working with Emma Stone, who plays Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy, Garfield said:

She’s just an incredible actress, and she’s one of the most spirited people I’ve ever met and just incredible fun to be around generally. On top of which, she’s beautiful and talented and kind of impossible to dream up.

I like Andrew Garfield…but jealousy issues will probably have me hating him in a few months. Lucky bastard.


Author: RPadTV