BlizzCon 2010 Cosplay Video

One of the coolest parts of BlizzCon 2010 was checking out all the great cosplayers. From World of Warcraft to StarCraft, the show had some of the best costumes I’ve seen at an American show. Here’s a video — along with some wise-ass commentary — featuring the excellent cosplay at BlizzCon 2010.

After you check out the vid, please let me know which cosplayer was your favorite.

(Pro tip: The resolution is pretty high, so go full screen if your PC is up for it.)

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Author: RPadTV


  • Big Blak

    LMFAO! Great Vid!!! I love the horny jokes. I should send you some music to accompany your videos, not that it was bad.

    • It's always good to have more loops. I'd be psyched to use your music along with N8R's.

      • Big Blak

        I will send you some when I get home from work.

      • Big Blak

        My Mac is completely screwed so I found a CD and sent some tracks.

  • thundercracker

    youve got a voice for radio ray, but we need to see you on camera..thats what made all the reset stuff so great

    great video though ray!!

    • Thanks man. Yeah, I really want to do on-camera stuff again. I just need a little help. Hopefully I'll have shoots on December, February, and March with some peeps helping me. I'm excited!

      • thundercracker


        lmao@ray has ads for southern comfort before his videos

      • Sweet. Not my choice, but I'll drink it!

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  • Iceman

    Wow, some of those costumes look like they were done by professional costume designers you’d see in some movie.

    LOL! I love the awkward look that some of the girls have while being filmed posing.

    The advertisement for me before the video was for Vanguard. It’s weird since my wife and I use Vanguard to purchase various securities and ETFs.


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