Coffee Talk #190: What’s Your Favorite Star Trek?

Last week a few of you started a fun Star Trek fight debate. It started with The Original Series vs. The Next Generation, moved onto Kirk vs. Picard, and even touched on Spock vs. Data. I was thoroughly entertained and hope you’re up for it again! This time around let’s include all of the Star Trek shows — even Voyager (Come on! A woman captain and a black vulcan?!?). Let’s start with the poll:

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, Intelligentsia’s Edelweiss Finagro Estate Tanzania, if Roy Oswalt is a difference maker, or the rumor that Apple’s new trackpad uses sorcery instead of magic, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

Last week a few of you started a fun Star Trek fight debate. It started with The Original Series vs. The Next Generation, moved onto Kirk vs. Picard, and even touched on Spock vs. Data. I was thoroughly entertained and hope you’re up for it again! This time around let’s include all of the Star Trek shows — even Voyager (Come on! A woman captain and a black vulcan?!?). Let’s start with the poll:

[poll id=”61″]

I’d love to learn more about your Star Trek preferences. In addition to your favorite show, I want to know your favorite characters, aliens, weapons, etc. As for me, I have four words for you: “There are four lights!!!”

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  • SlickyFats

    Next Generation

    I don't think I was old enough to watch enough of the Original Star Trek to appreciate it. I do like watching it though.

    I grew up watching the Next Generation. I had a crush on Counselor Troy.

    I got into Deep Space 9 for a little bit. I remember liking it because Odo is the guy from Benson. I liked the cast for Deep Space 9 a lot but I don't know why I never got into it .

    I don' think I have ever seen Voyager.

    I have never heard of Enterprise series.

  • Big Blak

    None, I'm ashamed to admit that I did not vote :-(

  • smartguy

    Better show all around.
    Data > Spock

    The series finale was also better than any movie that was made for the franchise.

    I'd have to say the Borg or Q is the best villain.

    Not too mention the Holodeck was just awesomeness.

  • redtailman

    @topic tng was the only series I watched plus the series introduced the Borg, one of my top five villians of any show

    @Roy Oswalt great move by phillies, as a die hard Astros fan I can tell you he wasn't motivated at all this season playing for the Astros, I expect him to pitch as good as he did in 05 when we went to the world series

  • gotta go with TNG. Growing up my older brother watched that show religiously, so I caught a lot of it. I don't watch any star trek anymore but I have almost seen every TNG episode.

    He later got really in to Voyager and Deep Space Nine but I never liked them as much. I always liked the original Star Trek movies but the show was well before my time.

  • @redtailman That's the crazy thing — even though he wasn't motivated, he was still one of the best pitchers in the league.

  • redtailman

    @rpad that's why I will always have respect for him I do wish though Roy could have passed Joe Nikero for most wins in Astros history, he was one short of tying him

  • tokz_21

    Who voted for Enterprise?? I like the original series and how can you not like Kirk.

    @Intelligentsia Coffee

    If they sell that in a cup i will try it today. I'm going to pick up my gf at work today and she works by the Intelligentsia coffee shop we were talking about earlier this week.

    @Roy Oswalt

    Good to see this guy out of the division, even though i would've loved to see him as a Cub more. Speaking of trades, let's talk about one that didn't happened. Derrek Lee declined to be traded to the Angels because he didn't want to up and move his family. You don't have to move your family just yourself. Also, hey you're going from a non-playoff contending team to a playoff contending team…. Go! The cubs could've used the prospects!

    @Apple's trackpad

    what's the difference between magic and sorcery.

  • @tokz_21 Sorcery is a bit more powerful and a lot more evil.

  • tokz_21


    oh then i'll go with Sorcery, this trackpad sounds like the work of "he who must not be named."

  • tokz_21

    Ohs no! it looks like Kara DioGuardi has been fired! @rpad looks like you have more consoling to do.

  • Nightshade386

    Sounds like a debate my brother in law and I would have. Either this or politics. lol.

    Gotta go old school on this one. I remember watching reruns of the original with my dad, as well as the old Buck Rodgers and Battlestar Gallactica. I know that the production values and acting were crap. Don't really care though.

  • N8R

    Original series, hands down.

    I'm a fan of originality and trend setters. The original series broke new ground on so many levels for TV as a whole. Regardless of the archaic technology (looking at you vacuum cleaner hoses), it set a new standard.

    Granted, I'm also the guy that brings up Robert Johnson in an all-time best guitarist debate.

  • thundercracker

    without question its TNG, i totally used to have a crush on will wheaton

    did anyone ever see that SNL that patrick stewart hosted? i guess what im trying to ask is, "has anyone seen the erotic bakery?"

  • thundercracker


    anyone who knows the history of rock music cannot possibly argue that robert johnson is one of, if not the most influential guitar player in history

  • thundercracker

    wow, i worded that wrong, but you know what i meant, im tired god damn it

  • Iceman

    The Next Generation. I pretty much agree with everything that Smartguy said. It goes double for me. It was the first Star Trek series I really got into. Hell, it helped shape the person that I am today. Picard was my role model.

    Although, upon further reflection, maybe if I would have idolized Riker, I would have gotten laid more.


  • @tokz_21 That's great news on Kara. She sucked. I love that Nygel Lythgoe is cleaning house on American Idol.

  • tokz_21


    it probably is but i hate to lose eye candy. now that show doesn't have any eye candy, unless you look at Randy that way.

  • @tokz_21 There are better choices for eye candy. Cougars are too trendy right now, so I'm all into 19-year old girls.

  • tokz_21


    there is but it's not like A.I. had a better selection at the time. there weren't that many hot girl contestants on the show this past season.

  • @tokz_21 Well the rumor is Jessica Simpson might judge. I'll go with her over Karla DiGuido any day! As for season nine contestants I like Didi Benami and Ashley Rodriguez.

  • Big Blak

    @ Rpad

    Speaking of Ashley I've been trying to get her to take a pic with the Rpad.Tv chick magnet but she is kind of famous now and travels a whole lot, but next time she is home I will get that for you.

  • Arguello

    Jessica Simpson would be a nice addition, but she would have to keep her mouth shut. I smile when I see her, but that smile fades with every she says.

  • @Big Blak That would rule!!! I hope you can get it!

  • tokz_21


    yes Jessica Simpson would be a great improvement over Kara and Paula. I just hope the Steven Tyler rumor isn't true. Yes, i remember Didi and Ashley but usually A.I. has more than a couple of girls that are easy on the eyes that make it to Hollywood and i don't think this years crop satisfied me enough.

  • bsukenyan

    Well I was the second person to vote Enterprise. I liked Picard the best, and it was on TV the most whenever I watched Star Trek…which was not that often. TNG did not appeal to me at all, I didn't like many of the characters there although I always hear that they developed rather well as the series progressed. The original series was good, but Picard still wins for me.

    Although one of my linguistics classes did analyze some of the language out of the original series which was very fun to do. Specifically it was Spock's understanding of the English language as spoken in America and how that relates to our own understanding of our language in regards to cursing.

  • Nightshade386

    I can't watch Enterprise without randomly screaming out "Ziggy, get me out of here!!"

  • tokz_21


    Ha! i keep waiting for Al to pop up somewhere and explaing to Sam what he has to do to leap.

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  • Yes, I'm eating lunch at McDonald's so I can write a few stories for you to enjoy (and hopefully comment on). This stuff is kind of gross…though I rather enjoy the fries.

  • tokz_21


    you can't complain about free wi-fi and yummy McD's fries. If you like smoothies try those too. they're pretty good too.

  • N8R

    @ Thundercracker

    I argue that Django Reinhardt is the most influential guitarist for all styles of guitar music. He developed what we know of as "standard tuning". Granted, it was because he only had half of a left hand and insisted on playing still.

    Then Robert Johnson (with Mississippi John Hurt about equal) and then Tony Iommi.

  • Iceman


    They should have done a 9/11 episode. That would have helped.

    … or would it?