Colbert Credits Mario for Capping BP’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The always hilarious Steve Colbert has discovered the identity of the “mystery plumber” that helped cap the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out this clip from The Colbert Report for a good laugh or 12.

Author: RPadTV


  • tokz_21

    you know seeing all this oil being spilled at first made me think of Mario Sunshine. I was like maybe BP should hire Mario from Mario Sunshine. He would've cleaned up this oil spill a long time ago. It makes me want to play the game now, even though it wasn't that great.

  • @tokz_21Mario Sunshine is awesome. I think you're crazy on that one.

  • smartguy

    It was great, but got brutal hard.

  • tokz_21


    i didn't like the exclusion of power ups/costumes. This is what makes a Mario game to me not a water cannon. it was a good game but it isn't what i expected after Mario 64.

  • Iceman

    … Oh, thanks for reminding me. I need to play Mario Sunshine. How long is the game?


  • tokz_21


    it depends, the fully complete the game you need to collect the 120 shines… i think it took me around 14-15 hours but you can finish the game with less than 120 shines but i can't remember the number.

  • Arguello

    Fit perfectly for this story.

  • Big Blak

    That was real funny. I've never played the Sunshine series so I can't comment.