Newer HTC Evo 4Gs Shipping with Inferior Screens?

Newer versions of Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G could have LCD screens that are inferior to those in the first batch. According to Android and Me, the older Evo model (hardware version 002) uses a better screen than the newer versions (hardware version 003). Here’s the skinny:

The newer Evo we had just purchased had a more “washed” out look to it while the older Evo had richer colors and better contrast.

There are two versions of the EVO (002 and 003). It appears the 002 models have a Novatel LCD while most of the newer ones feature an Epson LCD, although I’ve seen reports of these being mixed.

This is a bummer for those that are waiting to get their Evo 4Gs. It’s potentially bad for Sprint too. If the screens are really that different then people might flock to Verizon’s Droid X, AT&T’s iPhone 4, or T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant. And just in case you were wondering, my Evo 4G is a 002.


Author: RPadTV