Teens That Buy Their Own Phones More Likely to Talk About Sex

This report from Pew Internet (embedded below) has all sorts of interesting figures on how young adults use modern tools like social networking services, mobile phones, and the Internet, but one interesting bit uncovered by CrunchGear revealed that teens that buy their own phones are more likely to engage in “naughty” activity. John Biggs reported that, “The Pew Internet Project says that kids who buy their own phones are four times as likely to sext — that is send inappropriate images or texts to other kids.”

Ah, to be a teenager again…. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal or a cause for alarm. It’s a perfectly natural combination of raging hormones and technology. I’ve actually never sent a sexual SMS or MMS. Have any of you?

Source via CrunchGear

Author: RPadTV