Sega Confirms Yakuza 3 for March 2010

Yakuza 3

Gamers have been waiting…and waiting…and waiting to hear if Yakuza 3 is destined for a U.S. release…and Sega has finally confirmed the game for a March 2010 release. Assistant community manager Aaron Webber wrote the following on the PlayStation Blog:

After months upon months of requests, a myriad of rumors, and even full campaigns that speak to the unparalleled dedication of the fans, we can finally speak those words that all of you have been waiting anxiously to hear. So, here they are: Yakuza 3 is coming West.

I was never really into the series, but know a few people that love it. Are any of you looking forward to this game? I’m pretty much going to be ignoring every March release, except for a teeny title being released by Square Enix.


Author: RPadTV