Sony Patents New Mystery Controller

Sony has applied for a patent for an upcoming controller. The controller appears to be for simple games that require minimum input, such as the Buzz series of quiz games. According to Siliconera:

A design patent application for this unannounced device was filed in the US by Sony Computer Entertainment. The document is light on details, but calls the device a “hand held game controller”.

It seems like this controller is being developed in the USA since all of the inventors are from southern California. More specifically, one of them works at Sony’s Electronics Design center in Los Angeles.

Sony Mystery Controller

Judging from the pictures, I can’t see this being for anything but games like Buzz. That said, it could be more complex than it looks. I also find it curious that Sony will have three distinct first-party controllers: the DualShock, the magic sex toy of motion, and this thing. While gamers like you will know what’s what, this might confuse casual consumers.

Any thoughts on the controller?


Author: RPadTV