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RPadTV Merch

If you’d like to support this website and its videos then please consider picking up some RPadTV merch. Sales will go a long way towards helping me create more videos and articles. As of August 2023, my gimmicks are available on and various Amazon international sites, which should make purchasing convenient.

Should you happen to pick up any of these gimmicks then please post a photo of you wearing a shirt or rocking an iPhone case on the social media outlet of your choice using the hashtag #RPadTVgimmicks.

RPadTV 3000 Swag

Here’s a bunch of clothing and products that feature the RPadTV 3000 logo by the excellent Michael Woody. Why 3000? Why not?!? Just kidding; it’s obviously because I love you 3,000. The RPadTV 3000 gimmicks you can buy include:

It has been scientifically proven by the University of Oxford that if you wear the old-school RPadTV 3000 logo then you will look at least 10% cooler and feel at least 15% happier. That’s just science.

RPadTV Merch: Old-School Logo

Naturally, clothing and goods featuring the old-school logo — created by the excellent Nate Fitzgerald in 2009 — are available. The current lineup includes:

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that people that wear clothing and/or use products with the old-school RPadTV logo are 20% more productive and 30% more satisfied with their lives. Those MIT cats are incredibly smart, so the numbers are almost definitely correct.

Thank You For Being a Friend (of RPadTV)

As always, thank you for your support. In a perfect world, I’d love to spend at least eight hours a day working on RPadTV content. It would be awesome to have more articles, opinion pieces, reviews, previews, and interviews on the site. While that may be an idealistic goal, your purchase of RPadTV merch can help make it happen.

So please consider picking something up for yourself or buying some RPadTV gimmicks as a gift. The former will make you look amazing, while the latter will show what a caring and generous person you are. In the immortal words of my Olympic hero, “It’s true. It’s damn true.”