About Raymond Padilla

Raymond GamerRaymond Padilla has been writing about tech and videogames since 1996. He has held staff positions at Happy Puppy, GameSpy, and G4tv.com. From 2005 to 2006 he produced and hosted Reset, an online video program for Yahoo!, Inc.

His freelance work has hit numerous magazines and web sites, including ForbesWhat They Play, Gamasutra, FHM, Amazon.com, Games Radar, Newtype USA, PC Magazine, PC Magazine Belgium, Computer Shopper, Xbox Nation, GigaOm, Official PlayStation Magazine, CNet, GamePro, Games Business, Shacknews, Machinima.com, Slide to Play, and  Padvance.

RPad.tv was inspired by every reader that ever read one of Raymond’s articles, especially those that left comments on TheFeed blog. You can reach Raymond Padilla through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Special thanks goes to:

Rannie Yoo — You were one my life’s great blessings. I will love you and miss you forever.

Nate Fitzgerald — Thanks for the excellent art and for believing in me/this, N8R!

Zoe Flower — You’ll always inspire me, bb. And I’ll always miss you.


  • Congrats buddy! This is something I have always wanted to do. Maybe one day I can just get the gusto to actually do it!

  • May Cabaron

    Congratulations cousin, we're so proud of you! I'm not much of a techi person but I believe this is something big. Keep it up.

  • Iceman

    Nice site, Mr. Padilla.


  • Redd75

    Glad to see your back, er, see you again, well, you know what I mean! Good luck!

  • Sandrock323

    So this is where you went. Hopeful, this website isn't blocked at work. I'll stick around for ya of course ;)

  • Dad

    Congratulations on your first week. This blog will grow cause of your talent and hard work and success will be inevitable.

  • Evelyn P. Padilla

    Way to go, Raymond!

  • jpkmets

    This site is full of win.

  • jpkmets

    You should bifurcate it with a sports section as well.

    I would give you unbiased content from NY!

  • @jpkmets I've done a little bit on WWE, boxing, and the Yankees here. Let's do more!!!

  • TheJediRevan

    Congrats on getting Amazon to advo.

  • @TheJediRevan Thanks for noticing! Hopefully I'll be able to add traditional link adds to the mix too. The Amazon stuff only earns me money if someone buys something (anything) after clicking on the links.

  • x_nation

    N8R told me that you have your own site now… nice.

  • @x_nation Thanks! I'm happy you're here and hope to see more of you.

    @N8R Thanks for the plug and bringing in more peeps!

  • N8R

    I need to pull more girls now.

  • Hi Raymond,

    Cool blog. I ran across your info on LinkedIn when searching for G4 Writers.

    If you have a free moment, check out our website http://www.hideitmounts.com

    We have developed wall mounts for the Classic "Fat" PS3, the new PS3 Slim, the Xbox, and the Nintendo Wii. We would love the chance to have our product reviewed, even scrutinized.

    Let's talk.


    p.s. I didnt see a contact form or I would have emailed you directly.

  • Big 13lak

    I like your style man, Im kind of late here but I will follow you Rpad! Keep up the great work and when my finances are at par I will be donating.

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