Britney Spears Negotiating For Meatball (Spot)

In addition to being in negotiations for a Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood, Britney Spears is in negotiations to open a Meatball Spot. According to People, the pop star is friends with the owner of the restaurant, which will be opening a new location outside the Planet Hollywood auditorium, where Spears will be performing. The restaurant has teased that it’s partnering with a major celebrity for its new location. Hopefully it’s not Christina Aguilera, because that would be awkward.

On one hand, I would eat at Britney Spears’ Meatball Spot because the name Britney Spears’ Meatball Spot is frickin’ hilarious. On the other hand, I don’t know about trusting a woman born in Mississippi and raised in Louisiana with Italian food. That said, the restaurant’s menu looks fantastic. Of course I have to ask you the question — would you eat Britney Spears’ meatballs?

Naturally, this article was an excuse to “research” Britney Spears photographs and post them here.  A lot of people say that she was adorable before she went crazy. I actually love that she went a little nuts. The multiple cosmetic surgeries, however, were a damn shame. She was so naturally cute before Michael Jackson-ing her face! *sigh*


Author: RPadTV