WWE Gene Snitsky is an Alex Rodriguez Bodyguard

Remember WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky? His pro-wrestling achievements include punting a (fake) baby, harassing WWE Divas to satisfy his foot fetish, engaging in homoerotic promos with John Heidenreich, and having yellow teeth. He left all that behind to become one of the bodyguards for New York Yankees team idiot third-baseman Alex Rodriguez. According to¬†The Star-Ledger, Snitsky is part of A-Roid’s five-man security detail.

This makes perfect sense to me. More than any other player in Major League Baseball, Alex Rodriguez has the most in common with a pro-wrestling heel. I’m not talking about a dastardly heel or a menacing heel either. A-Rod is 100-percent chickensh*t heel. Like most wrestling villains of this nature, he needs a monster for backup. Of course he’d employ a former WWE monster as his bodyguard. Of course.

Just for kicks, here are a pair of Snitsky’s greatest hits.


Author: RPadTV