Today’s Poll: Darth Vader vs. Lord Voldemort

Today’s poll comes from a debate RPadholic smartguy had with his wife, which was then carried over to the RPad.TV Live Chat. Who would win in a fight between Darth Vader from Star Wars and Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter? In one corner, you have the second-most powerful practitioner of the dark side of the force. In the other, you have the undisputed master of the dark arts (in wizardry terms…though Voldemort is pretty good with charcoal pencils). While the man formerly known as Tom Riddle is a bit more spry, the man formerly known as Anakin Skywalker has cybernetic appendages that help compensate for his mobility (seriously, have you ever seen Darth Vader run?).

This is a great nerd debate that I’d love to argue about over several alcoholic beverage. For now, let’s discuss things in a sober and civil fashion. Kindly vote in today’s poll and explain your answer in the comments section (please!). Avada kedavra vs. force choke — fight!!!

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Author: RPadTV