Green Throttle Android Gaming System Arrives

Back in November 2012, I wrote about Green Throttle Games. The company is being headed up by the guys that helped start theĀ Guitar Hero craze. For its next act, CEO Charles Huang and crew want to turn your Android phone or tablet into your new videogame console. Unlike several of its competitors that are using Android and mobile chipsets to create dedicated consoles, Green Throttle is offering an app and a controller to complement phones and tablets people already have. That’s what the Green Throttle Arena app and Green Throttle Atlas controller are all about.

To give you an idea of how the Arena software works, check outĀ VentureBeat’s video below.

What do you think of Green Throttle’s system? For you Android users out there, it this something you’d buy? For you iOS fanboys, do you think Apple will do something similar with a Bluetooth controller and an enhanced version of Game Center?

Author: RPadTV