Google Shopping Express Taking on Amazon Prime?

Word on the street is that Google will be launching a shopping service with same-day delivery called Shopping Express. According to TechCrunch, Google’s service will be slightly cheaper than Amazon Prime and will allegedly include several well known retailer partners (Target, Walmart, Walgreens,Safeway, and more). Would you be interested in this service? Or is Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery good enough for you?

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime. I’ve been a member since the program started and I’ve been thrilled with the value. As an old-school Prime member, I enjoy the service primarily for its fast delivery, but there are many new customers — particularly Kindle Fire owners — that love Prime for its “free” digital media library. While Google Shopping Express will reportedly be cheaper than Amazon Prime, there hasn’t been any mention of a digital media component. The focus appears to be on same-day delivery, as opposed to Prime’s two-day delivery paired with a digital library.

However, Google has digital goods in place and it would be easy for Shopping Express to compete with Amazon Prime feature-for-feature. If Shopping Express offered same-day delivery and a large library of streaming media from Google Play, then it woud truly belong with us among the clouds (Lando Calrissian) be an Amazon Prime killer. If it doesn’t have a digital media component then the “Amazon Prime killer” label many are using is somewhat inaccurate.

Hmmmm, all this talk of same-day delivery is giving me flashbacks to My friend James and I totally abused the service when we were living in San Francisco. It was awesome getting same-day delivery of food, drinks, music, adult movies, and more. Have any of you enjoyed services that offer diverse goods online and deliver them the same day you order? Is this something you want or are you cool with old fashioned shopping? Should Google Shopping Express have a digital media component? Or should it focus on delivering your stuff hella fast? Shout it out in the comments section (please)!


Author: RPadTV