Today’s Poll: Project Shield vs. Razer Edge vs. Steam Box

Although CES 2013 lacked many of technology’s heavy hitters (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.), the show’s gaming content was getting lots of buzz. Nvidia’s Project Shield took many gadget geeks by surprise. More details were revealed about Valve’s Steam Box, which many pundits feel has the potential to radically change the gaming landscape. Lastly, Razer’s Edge tablet (which started out as Project Fiona) got a lot of attention from gamers looking for a powerful and versatile Windows 8 solution. (Personally, I can’t think of the product without thinking of Scott Hall’s finishing maneuver.)

Now that you’ve had a week to think about it, which CES 2013 gaming device impressed you the most? Which one has rocketed to the top of your wish list? Kindly vote in today’s poll and discuss in the comments section.

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Author: RPadTV