MLB Interview Caps: Why?!?

In the quest to increase revenue, sports uniforms have gotten stupid. There are alternate uniforms, alternate road uniforms, practice jerseys, batting practice jerseys, warmup uniforms, throwback caps, commemorative caps, World Series caps, and more. Hell, the NBA recently had special edition Christmas uniforms for the teams that played on Christmas 2012. The latest batch of tasteless greed comes from Major League Baseball in the form of “interview caps.” According to¬†Uni Watch, MLB will have interview caps for all of its teams. While not mandatory, players will be “encouraged” to wear them during interviews and off-the-field functions like charity events.

Clearly, tradition isn’t sacred to sports commissions.

A lot of people hate on the New York Yankees (somewhat understandably), but one of the reasons I love the team is that is has maintained the traditional variety of uniforms: home and away. It makes the organization seem classier and less desperate than other ball clubs. (To my good friend Justin Killian: your Mets sold out bro!)

I hate the look of most alternate uniforms (thought admit the NBA variants are better than most MLB alternates). I hate that they’re pure money-grabs. The MLB interview cap is just more of the same. I wish commissioner Bud Selig would settle down with the greed and add things like, oh I don’t know, effective instant replay.

Ugh. I hate these things.


Author: RPadTV